Monday, August 18, 2008


Today was Little Oaks first day of school. She was so excited this morning she even let me braid her hair without a fight. I wanted to curl it too but that was asking too much! She was soo cute when she woke up she said, "Okay, I need to get my new polka dot shirt on and my new cute shoes!" Even though she is a tom boy she really loved getting new clothes for school. She is getting so big I can't believe it, I should probably be getting stuff done right now while she is gone but I couldnt resist putting these pictures up so everyone could see her first day of school! p.s Dont mind her bumps on her face, she has a heat rash that just showed up yesterday.


Cody, Tawsha, and Ashlee said...

How fun for her. My Ash starts preschool on the 2nd. I can't believe they are getting so big. Was it weird having her gone.

Brét & Zach Gates said...

She's looks so Cute! Did you cry?

daniharding said...

Ohhhh!! How cute! Kamryn is standing here saying,"OH MY GOSH" She has the same back pack! She can't believe it.