Saturday, January 31, 2009


We had the oppurtunity to go to Park City last week and Party with DueWest. It was amazing. They were here for the Sundance Festival and decided to put on a cozy unplugged concert in an amazing Deer Valley home. They are so good and so fun to watch play together. They all have the best voices and when they come together they are just amazing! If you have never heard of DueWest, they are a country group out of Nasville, they are all LDS and have all been a part of the Nashville Tribute to Joseph Smith and to The Pioneer Trek. The lead singer is my Brother, Tim Gates, there is Matt Lopez from Wyoming and Brad Hull from Arizona. If you get a chance give them a listen, they are on Facebook, Myspace, blogspot and they also have a website They are amazing and I know that you will love them too!!
This is Matt Lopez Doing his Willie Nelson Act!
This is Doug, He is an amazing Guitar player

Hadliegh was so cute and just loved DueWest! Oaks wouldnt let me take pictures of her, she was too busy playing air hockey in the basement

This poor little guy fell asleep on the Kitchen floor, after a tall glass of wine. ;)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I was really bored on Sunday afternoon when all of the sudden I received a text message from my sweet niece, Chevia! It said "So are you coming to Salina today? I really miss my Auntie!" So I took the kids and took a little trip to Salina for the night. We had alot of fun watching movies on the big screen, eating shakes from GATORZ, looking at the horses, watching Aunite Jenn Groom dogs and of course taking pictures. Oaklee was so cute with Matt, Jenn and Chevia, she would say "Mom is Chevia my friend, becasue I love her!" Beckham really likes Matt and all of his Deer and Elk antlers he has everywhere. By yesterday afternoon Oaks was ready to see her Dad, she said "I want to go home, because I missed my Dad, do you missed him?"Here are just a few of the pictures from our weekend.

The Famous Tree! I want to take pictures of this every season, so far I have Winter and Fall

Friday, January 9, 2009

The New Year!


I have decided to set some goals for my self this year, I am trying to be happier with what life gives to me, more loving with all of my family and friends, a better mom to the cutest kids in the world, a better wife to the best dad in the whole world and of course a whole lot skinnier!! (had to throw that in!) I really want to learn more about photography and improve more over this year. I really want to earn enough money to buy a better camera and some fun new lenses! Our goal is to get our basement finished with wood floors so I can have a fun little kid and baby studio in my basement. I want to get all my pictures off of my computer and into some Heritage Makers books. I really want to do something amazing this year I don't know yet what its going to be but when I figure it out I will let everyone know! I want 2009 to be a year to remember at the Livingston House!

and now I have to post some fun pictures that I have taken of THE CUTEST KIDS EVER!!! HERE WE GO..........................