Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thank you!

I have been so blessed with the best friends and the greatest family that anyone could ask for! I am so thankful for all those who help me out by watching my kids while I have to work. I don't have any of my side of the family near me so it is nice that I have the best in-laws and the best friends who have made me feel like a part of their families. To thank all those who have helped me I told them I would pay them back by taking pictures of their cute little families and I love these ones so I just had to post.

um................. THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!

Goodbye to You...............

Our family lost a family member this past week. He was such a good and loyal friend. We will forever have you in our hearts Cooper, we love you and will miss you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend at the Cabin

The cabin was awesome!! We had so much fun and we are so sad that it is over but we all agreed that we will be back before the summer is over. We went with some great friends; Nick, Tauni, Brailey, Kasen, Spencer and Ashley. They brought up some 4-wheelers and a cool little fishing boat to add to help make our trip more memorable and they made for some great pictures :) Tauni and I got together before the trip and planned out the meals, I think we ate better there than we do at home. Becks enjoyed everything about this trip from the wondering around to check out the cool "junk" laying around the property to 4-wheeling to throwing rocks in the lake he really hated falling in the cactus though!! Oaklee loved loved loved fishing and was actually pretty good at casting, she also loved loved loved loved 4-wheeling except for the fact that I put her on the fast one with me and it melted her shoe. We even had a little dog come knock on our door on sunday morning and stayed and played for a while her name was jackie. Get ready for this picture overload we had too much fun to leave anything out

How to throw a rock in to the lake.....



How to make the perfect cast




Our little friend Jackie

Four wheelers are the best (I dont know why oaklee looks so green in this pic)

Beckham's new favorite thing in the world

Friday, May 22, 2009

Just for fun

One of my very good friends got married this past weekend, Finally!!! I worked with him for almost six years at an accounting firm. He asked me if I would take some candid pictures and pics of the detail for him during the reception. Of course he didn't have to do much bribing I accepted the offer! Congrats Blake and Debbie I hope you have a wonderful life together!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spring Time Fun

Okay so we have been super busy this past couple of weeks. First of all we went to the Zoo(the pics are at the bottom, I put them on backwards.) We had sooo much fun and of course Beckham was loving the animals and loving running down all of the hills. Oaklee was her usual self, wining that she is tired and hungry but when she would see an animal she would get so excited! Next we have spent many of these wonderful spring evenings hanging out in the front yard with the entire neighborhood, that is why I love this neighborhood everyone is always outside every evening in the spring and summer time :) Notice Oaklee and Addison playing catch with a bouncy ball accross the street from eachother, they are CRAZY!!!!! Last we went to our friends house today to play in the swimming pool and slip n slide. These are the same friends that came to our house a few weeks ago to play on the slip n slide. (Notice this sweet little boy and how much he loved me taking pictures of him and also notice how my kids never want their pictures taken I think they were sent to me by mistake......ugh!)

This is his "dumb" face, per his mama

You see what I mean, "Quit taking pictures MOM"

My little monkey watching a little monkey

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Hair Cut

I decided today that Mr. Beckham really needed a hair cut, he really was starting to look like one of those old men who can only grow hair in the back and the side of their head(kind of like the dad on Every Body Loves Raymond) I took him to Cookie Cutters and brought along my camera to capture this memorable event, I have to say it was kind of sad to see all of those curls cut off but I must agree with Oaklee when she said "Oh Mom he his so handsome, feel his head"

Playing on the slide waiting for his turn

He loved the elmo movie they put on for him and the cool robe

He probably could have done with out the clippers, he cried and screamed and jumped the whole time those things were on

The finished Product

This is his "Mommy hold me" face, doesn't he look so big now?