Friday, June 19, 2009

Just for fun!

The other Day while working at Highlite Photography we did a really fun shoot for Persnickety Clothing (check out the website, the clothes are to die for.. We did the shoot downtown in this really neat location, it was a lot of fun, a little crazy, but fun! So yesterday I had to go downtown to run some errands and decided to stop at that same location to just play around with the kids. I was not at all prepared, Oaklee's hair was a mess and her clothes were clothes that she picked out herself and Beckham....well lets just say that kid is too crazy I can't ever get a decent picture of him. Oaklee did participate for a couple of pictures, but she had to pick the pose! Gotta love her!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lake Powell June 2009

We love Lake Powell!!!!! I have posted a lot of pictures and still have a lot more but I won't bore you with too many pics. We had sooooo much fun, Beckham loved loved loved every sinlge minute of being here, he loved the water, the sand, the houseboat stairs, the yellow boat, the wave runners, watching people surf and wakeboard, fish, ducks did I mention he loved the water and the sand! He had to be watched like a hawk because he has no fear and tried to jump out of the boat while it was going! He makes me really tired but I love him. Oaklee loved the yellow boat and......... well that's it! If the yellow boat was going she was on it, she spent a little time on the beach and in the water but every chance she had she was on the yellow boat pleading with her Daddy to just go faster. I enjoyed surfing and hanging out with our great friends and family, we had a blast

Aaaaaah! the House Boat

Beckham drove us to a nice beach

little Presley didn't quite like the sand, but she loves her mama (look at those cheeks!)

Oaklee and Nate they are best friends!

Beckham and the sand!

Beckham and the water, he wouldn't wait to put on his swim suit

Oaks and her minute she was in the water, I think she was doing a dance or something

It got a little windy so the kids spent time making houses on top of the house boat!
Little miss Hadleigh Mason, I just love her

This is Londyn, isn't she the cutest!

The Big Yellow Boat! (Selena, This picture is for Russ so he will want to hang with us sometime this summer}

Becks decided he was going to pull Daddy on the wakeboard
Checking the mirror to make sure Dad was ready!
OOPS!!! I don't think he will be pulling his Dad anytime soon!

I was laughing at Cody because of the way he fell so he almost flipped off the Camera! RUDE

I just love this Picture of Londyn
Jason and his surfing debut! He did great