Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just some Pics

I have just been backing up all my pictures and ran accross some pictures that I love and have not posted on here yet. The first three little cuties are some of my good friends kids, I take my camera every where and love to take pictures of my friends kids and then email them to my friends. The next three are from a photo shoot I did of my niece this past weekend.(there will be more to come once I edit them) I got a cute on of Oaks and Becks fell asleep in the car so we took out his whole carseat and lugged him around every where we went. I love taking pictures of kids, they are my favorite kind of people :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Fun!

So we had a fun but crazy spur of the moment week!! It all started with Swimming, swimming, swimming and more swimming. Oaklee has found her passion in life and won't give it up for nothin! On Wednesday my very good sexy friend Misty called me about 4 and said we are going to the cabin with the kids, and you are coming!! I packed us all up and left the house at 6, I think that was the fastest I have ever gotten ready for a two day trip. Her cabin is in the Uintas and is a very nice Cabin, we had sooo much fun. We hiked, layed out in the sun while the kids ran throught the sprinklers, took lots of pics (really funny not so appropriate pics!! he he!) Misty and Amanda jumped on this really cool swing that hung from a tree, I wouldn't do it because I was afraid I would rip my jeans. We got home Friday and I went to work, after work I took Oaks and all of her cute little friends Swimming.....Again! Saturday I worked then came home and you guessed it SWIMMING AGAIN!! After we were done swimming we went to Draper Days to hear my Bro and his Buddies LIVE THEIR DREAM!! They were amazing as usual!! They are playing at a lot of other places this week, check out their schedule at

Nice, I love summer!

Beck was playing Peek a Boo

BOO! (look how filthy he is)

One of the few times I will post a picture of myself on my blog! So ENJOY

All the kiddos(minus four - Oaklee, Beckham, Mckayle and Easton)
Oaklee didn't want to be in the group shot :(

Oaklee took this picture, nice eh?

All the kids were sportin this red juice mustache!

I made Oaklee say something funny, that is the reason behind the giggle!

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

We went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house a couple of weeks ago! It was a lot of fun and it was really beautiful. Zach, Bret, Iyrlend, Jenn and Chevia all came up to go through with us, it was a reall neat experience and the temple is Amazing. When we got done watching the video about the temple Oaklee gave Cody a big hug and said "That was awesome and so beautiful" She was so excited to finally go to the temple because it is right by our house. She said before we left, "We are going to the temple right now?? Who am I going to Marry?" She is so sweet and loves the church and gets so excited when we say prayers and she gets to talk to Heavenly Father. It is so neat to have the temple so close and to know that Oaklee already knows that she wants to be married there! (notice only one picture of Beckham, that kid is going to be the death of me! He doesnt hold still for nothin)

HA, Zach looks funny in this picture!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July!

We Love Salina!!! We are going to be going to Salina every year for the fourth of July it is going to be one of our traditions. I grew up in Richfield and that is what we would do every year. We had so much fun hanging out with my family it really brought back a whole lot of memories. First we went out to breakfast with the MacArthur Family to Dennys, that is one of their family traditions! After Breakfast we went to the carnival and played games and ate snow cones. The kids had a blast and little Oaklee even won a gold fish! (she actually didn't win him she threw a huge fit so they gave it to her so she would be quiet :)) Beckham enjoyed the bounce house he fell every step he would take but was grinning from ear to ear the entire time. The lady who was operating the bounce house was excited when I brought him back the second time becasue she thought that he was so dang cute!! After the carnival we went to eat at the famous GATORZ drive inn, it was so yummy!!! Then after a long nap we got ready for the parade, Matt, Jenn, Cody Me, Oaklee, Beckham, Kamryn, Maddy and Karter all got to sit in the GATORZ truck in the parade, it was the most fun we had ever had at a parade. Later that night we went to the Salina Rodeo and Firework show, Oaklee said she would like to be in the rodeo but not until she is 8! We got to Matt and Jenns house around 11pm and decided to light some of our own fireworks, Cody put on quite a show for us I cant believe how funny he is.