Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oquirrah Park Rocks The Hose!!!

What a DAY! Today was Oquirrah Park Days (the name of our neighborhood) The first thing on the agenda was the 5k race and the bike parade. We all met at the club house to decorate bikes (Oaks had a scooter because her bike was impaired) Some of the people there raced a 5k race while others, like myself, watched and helped the kids decorate their different modes of transportation. Mr. Mike Singley won the race for the Men (he ran under 7 minute miles, sheesh!!) he is our neighbor so we are PROUD!! and Jenn Jackson won the race for the girls, also our neighbor so again we are PROUD!! After the race the kids rode their decorated bikes around the nighborhood.
I went into work for a bit to get caught up on some stuff while Cody and Beckham took a nap and little Oaks roamed the neighborhood with little Addie(those two can get into trouble so I asked Kristy to keep an eye on them) On the way home from work I stopped off at a Yard sale and found Oaklee a new Big Girl Bike for...................$10.00!!!! (see pictures below) after riding her bike for about 4 hours, we did some cleaning and then went inside to get ready for the rest of the festivities headed our way. I found little man Becks had climbed back into the bath, after I had just dressed him for the festivities!! What a stinker, I guess I know now to immediately drain the water in the tub. We met at the clubhouse where we ate the best Hawaiian food ever, I am on my loading days for the HCG diet so I went to town, YUMMY!! The HOA board set up a GINORMOUS water slide for the kids, it was a HIT! There was also, a clown who made balloons but I didn't get any pics of him because they kind of frighten me!! He made Oaklee a dog with a leash she was very pleased. Later the kids were able to swim while watching "Surfs Up" on a big screen TV. We had a great day full of fun and the kids are now sleeping, and I love the silence. Oh yes and in the mix of things we also found a "prey mantis"?????!! (I have no idea on how to spell that word) on our porch, Oaklee said he is our new pet! I took a picture for your SELENA so you would know what an alive one looked like!!

The new Bike

Selena, this is for you!!

My little stink pot, whom I love!! Just look at that face

Slip and slide

Maile, she should be a fashion designer dont ya think??

Don't you think this is the coolest thing ever??

This is the reason for Maile's craziness!! ALEX, her daddy

One last slide before the night was over

Skye Bear!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Little Photo Shoot with LIttle People!

My friend Misty and I took our kids to this little cool place in Lehi called the "Nook and Cranny" It is an antique store and is made from some little old buildings. Misty takes pictures also and wanted some cute school pics of her boys. She has some strobe lights so we decided to take them and try them out......Well sweet little Misty forgot the remotes that trigger the flash so we just used my reflector. They turned out pretty cute I got some way cute ones of Beckham......Finally! ENJOY

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of Preschool, with a big OOPS!!

Oaklee started school today and I couldn't be happier! She was sooo excited, we braided her hair last night so it would be curly for school. She woke up and wanted to get ready right away, we got in the car and ran a quick errand then we went to school! Just after we pulled up little Addy was not far behind, Kristy and I got the kids out of the cars and made them pose for some quick pictures together. Kristy pointed out that we were the first ones there and that rarely happend in the year past. We walk the kids down the stairs and open the door to Mrs. Brown and her daughter blasting Brittany Spears. Mrs. Brown looked at us for a while and said "You do know that Preschool starts at 12:30 right??? Oh man! We were early, I was sure glad that Kristy was with me and that I wasn't the only one that doesn't pay much attention to detail. Oaklee and Addy were not happy, they did not want to get back into the car, Oaklee said "Mrs. Brown can just watch me, because I am not getting back in that car" Kristy suggested that we go to Mcdonalds and then everything was just fine. We finally got to school and noticed that 9 out of the 12 kids in her class live in our neighborhood, this year is going to be a blast!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My little Model

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fun pics at Daybreak lake


I am really wanting to improve my photography skills but dont have the equipment that I want to make it better. I decided to take little oaks and her little friends to the lake to try some things with my camera and my reflector, of course it didn't last too long because it was FREEZING and it started to rain. I got a few good shots but still there is something missing like LIGHT!! I am considering taking a graveyard job so that I can earn enough money to buy a flash and an off camera flash to help make my pictures what I know they should be! Here are a few pics from today, I must say I am lucky to have this talented bunch live close to me :)(they are a bit dark, I guess little man Becks was playing with my brightness button on my monitor)