Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Little Man

I love this litte Man! He has been a pill lately but I love him. He climbs on everything and therefor falls A LOT, which makes him cry A LOT and which also makes him have scrapes and bruises all over his face as you can see in the pictures. He also has figured out how to take off his diaper while still wearing his shorts then he pees his pants and all over the floor. Just the other day he was pounding Oaklee in the head with a toy hammer and made her eye ball bleed, yes her eye ball! Oaklee then in turn cracked him over the head with the remote to the TV so both of them were crying and fighting over my lap! WHEW!! I am tired, really really tired! There are those moments then moments like this when he just makes me melt, I love him so much :) I was taking pics practicing using window light and asked him to do certain poses and HE DID IT! Then of course he would run at me and knock me over but it was so cute check out these pics of him he will melt your heart too!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little Kendall

I Love Facebook!! I have found so many people on Facebook that I haven't seen or talked too in over 15 years. Sheridon, my good friend from Richfield contacted me on facebook and said she would be in town from New York and wanted to get in touch! I told her I wanted to use her little girl as a model for some pictures and she said YES!! She also brought her brother Shad, we were best friends when we were little I was a tom boy and loved hangin out with the boys! He was so much fun and a great friend. I even remember him kissing me on the cheek while we were playing in Mrs. Colbys' ditch, I thought it was so weird, do you remember that Shad?? Seeing him brought back many memories of Richfield, I love small towns and hopefully someday I can talk Cody into moving to one some day. Anyway enough of memorie lane, Sheridon emailed me a link of the skirt she bought for the pictures and asked me if it would work for the pics I had in mind. I guess it worked, WHAT DO YOU THINK???

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lake Powell..............................

What else can I say but, ahhhhhhhhh! I love Lake Powell, it is so relaxing and so much fun! The weather was perfect and so was the water! Wakeboarding and surfing are my all time favorite things to do it is my goal to get really good at wakeboarding by the end of next summer! It was nice to have one last hoorah before the summer ended! Notice there are no pictures of me! Im kind of upset about it too! I need to get cody a camera so he can take pictures too! We invited Zach, Bret, Iyrlend, Tom, Denny, Jace and Kylie. It was so nice to be able to hang out with great Family and Friends I can't wait for next year to do it all over again

These first pics were on the House Boat Dock, we got there a day early so we hung out on the dock for a night, It was a lot of fun!

Cody getting ready to try and double surf with Tom, he is such a goof he had us all laughing while they were trying this stunt

The new slide on the HouseBoat is huge! It was the scariest thing ever

Kissing Cousins

This is my Favorite Picture of Beckham