Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lake Powell..............................

What else can I say but, ahhhhhhhhh! I love Lake Powell, it is so relaxing and so much fun! The weather was perfect and so was the water! Wakeboarding and surfing are my all time favorite things to do it is my goal to get really good at wakeboarding by the end of next summer! It was nice to have one last hoorah before the summer ended! Notice there are no pictures of me! Im kind of upset about it too! I need to get cody a camera so he can take pictures too! We invited Zach, Bret, Iyrlend, Tom, Denny, Jace and Kylie. It was so nice to be able to hang out with great Family and Friends I can't wait for next year to do it all over again

These first pics were on the House Boat Dock, we got there a day early so we hung out on the dock for a night, It was a lot of fun!

Cody getting ready to try and double surf with Tom, he is such a goof he had us all laughing while they were trying this stunt

The new slide on the HouseBoat is huge! It was the scariest thing ever

Kissing Cousins

This is my Favorite Picture of Beckham


Bret said...

uh Davi your pictures are freakin amazing! Duh you should have made me take pictures of you, I feel bad. I love the kissin cousin one's. When you get a chance will you e-mail me any other pics of us you have? Hopefully I'll get a freakin camera soon so you don't have to be our personal photographer on every trip we go on, but then they won't look as great :(.

Selena and Russ!! said...

oh man there are so many pictures that i love i can't even tell you! I'm glad you had some fun! When do i get to leave and have fun for a week!?!?! I don't know id poor russ will ever get to lake powell (with ME though). That picture of cody with that hat thing is really funny.

ps. you two make cute babies...