Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We Love Christmas!! Every year we go to Grandma Livi's house on Christmas eve, we eat pizza and make gingerbread ouses. This year we bought a train, and it was HARD!! It was so funny because all of the Men took it upon themselves to make them but were all cussing the whole time they were making them. Jasons Gingerbread house always looks the best so he always says that we are having a contest so that he will always win!! Bet you cant guess which one is his-

We also open our pajamas at Grandmas house, I was so excited this year because I got the kids Sponge Bob pajamas, they are obsessed with that guy. Beckham was so excited he was jumping around in circles forever-

Becks was eating all the candy off the train

When we got home from Grandmas we wrote letters for Santa, Oaklee wrote both of these letters- (I told her what letters and she wrote them)
Christmas Morning, Santa ate most of his cookies and all of his milk which made Oaklee very very happy. We made Oaklee wait to come in the room so I could record their reactions, Oaklee came in and just fell to the ground in shock!! It was sooo funny. Becks came in and saw his train table and just started screaming-He didn't leave his table all morning long so Oaks opened most of presents for him.

We normally have breakfast pizza on Christmas morning but Cody had a bad experience with eggs so now we have Waffles with coconut syrup, potatoes and bacon

Our Happy Tired Faces after all of the morning Festivities

Sunday, January 3, 2010

ITS CHRISTMAS............

I can't even begin to tell you how crazy crazy my December was, I am soooo behind on my blogging so this post will be kinda huge and kind a crazy. It all began with Sledding with our best buddies Dallin and Cade, we got all bundled up ready to take on the biggest hill we could find. We got all packed into the car when I noticed that our sleds were missing, someone freaking stole our sleds out of our garage, well thats what we think because they are no where to be found. We were able to use the Johnsons sleds so we were okay. We got to the hill and were so excited we could hardly stand it then Oaklee went down one time and snow got in her gloves so she was done and we left, GOOD TIMES. GOOD TIMES.

We had a family christmas party with Cody's family and Santa came, our little lovely happy little four year old was SOOOOOOOOOO not excited for that!! She sat in the corner playing her cousins ds the entire time he was there-Seriously I wanted to cry, all i wanted was a picture of her on Santas lap but she didn't care at all about pictures! Beckham on the other hand was giving him high fives the whole time and held some bells for him while we sang jingle bells, seriously two completely different kids!!
We had a friend christmas party also, we were all suppose to wear ugly christmas sweaters, it was a lot of fun but of course I was to stressed out about making sure everyone had fun that I didnt take that many pics!!

I thought this was a cute pic of Great Grandma Mary