Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sledding FUN!!

Okay so I am huge Blog-Slacker!! Mostly my slacking is due to lack of sleep, but I am slowly getting use to getting 3-5 hrs of sleep a night. I work for the post office, I get home at 3:30am and my Darling kids wake up at 6:30-sometimes they are good and watch a movie and let me sleep but SOMETIMES they are not so good and make me wake up! I also just found out that I am with CHILD, which makes things a little more interesting and a little more exhausting.

Anyway..... Here are some pictures from New Years in Salina, we had soo much fun!! We made yummy food on NewYears Eve, we had pigs in a blanket, crab wontons, artichoke dip, mini pizzas and yummy yummy yummy fruit and dip. It was just Us, Matt and Jenn so you can bet our Party was HOPPIN! I think we all fell asleep around 11:30 watching a movie then woke up at Midnight to watch the ball drop, we tried to do fireworks but 5 below weather wouldn't allow that to happen. On New Years day we went sledding, it was soooo much fun Oaklee and Beckham absolutley loved it! Oaks was so good at climbing up he mountain and sleddding down all by herself. Beckham loved running and falling in the snow! I think that may just be our new Tradition!

One would think that after a full day of running up and down the mountain and no nap that my kids would sleep in..................................Well Not In This Lifetime This is my kids playing around Matt and Jenns house at the Butt Crack of dawn while everyone else is sleeping. Look how huge Beau is